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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Rant: Random Thoughts/Update

I have gone a few days walking in my new heels, and I've come to a conclusion: it's not the height that makes it hard to walk, it's keeping the shoe on. 

I think most women cannot afford real leather, including myself, and the problem with the fake leather is that it makes your feet sweat. That in turn makes it slippery when you walk, and I even put inserts in the shoe. It's the sweat that makes the foot slip and that is literally the main problem. I guess that's why you can't be cheap with fashion sometimes. 

I've also noticed it's a lot easier to walk in heels when you swing your hips as if you're walking on a runway. 

I'm really ready for the warmer weather. I want to try wearing bralettes when it gets warmer:

I think it's great to have the push up bras for everyday situations because they offer support and make you look better in general. However, thre is also a time and place for the sexy lace bralette. The more I dive into sexy fashion, the more I realize it is important to have certain staples in your closet. Bralettes are something that should be in your closet.  

This week I'll be buying one and continuing my battle with the fake leather heels. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Rant: Caring About What Other People Think

It's an outright lie when people say they don't care what other people think, especially if they are talking about their style. Now there is a difference between caring what people think and accepting what people think, and I think that's where we usually get lost in between.  

When someone flaunts a personal style, they definitely care about what others think. That's why they have a style! Sure, you can wear something for your own pleasure, but the point of fashion is to tell your story to others. Fashion can tell people who you are, who you like to pretend to be, or who you want to be. It's up to you to find your personal style, even if your personality does not match it yet. But the point of it all is to communicate to the world. So don't tell me you don't want attention. 

Accepting what people think and being able to handle any opinions they might have about you is real confidence. If you feel the need to explain or defend your style to a critic, you probably felt uncomfortable wearing it before anyone said anything. 

I think that is why fashion bloggers, designers and models feel the most comfortable with the styles that really stand out. They can wear it, feel completely comfortable and they like every reaction, no matter if it is bad or good. They know they don't owe anyone an explanation for their style. 

Some examples....

Not everyone can feel confident wearing this bold red with fringe. 

Rumi's style is always wearing slip like dresses as day wear. Sexy but risky. 

Most girls would feel uncomfortable wearing such an open top. 

Wengie is one example of a fashion blogger who likes dying her hair in unique colors. 

You have to have real confidence to pull off these leather leggings. Kristina definitely does!

It's more about your mindset rather than the clothes you wear it the hairstyle you have. People can see when you are not comfortable with your look. Most of the time, they will not critize you if you hold your style well in confidence brimming from your aura. 

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Experiment: High Heels

I have never been a girl who has mastered the skill of walks my in heels. As a teenager, I scoffed at the girls who ran around in heels in highschool and kept my black converse high top sneakers. During special events, I would pick the smallest heel possible, or even better, ballet flats. And when people would point out that I never wore heels, I would make it into a joke and just brush it off that I was a clumsy girl. 

Yes, I am still clumsy. But that doesn't mean I get to pass up the task of wearing heels. I decided recently that I am going to get over this fear of wearing high heels. I am going to learn how to walk in heels. No matter how many blisters I get, no matter how much my feet ache, I am going to learn to walk in these damn shoes!

So today I bought a pair of nude three inch high heels, closed toe. And I plan on wearing these to work until I get used to it. I'm going to wear sneakers to get to work, since there is still snow and ice out there. But when I get in the office, I'm going to change into these high heels and I'm going to go the entire day wearing them. I am fully prepared with band aids to take on this task. 

I am not doing this to prove to anyone other than myself that I can have this womanly skill. There are so many advantages to wearing heels that I want to add to my wardrobe. 

I will report the results here tomorrow and see where I can improve. 

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Five of My Favorite Classic Style Points

The best fashion is timeless. The kind of look that will appeal to men and women in any generation is something I aim to achieve. It's more of an aura than anything else, but there are certain characteristics of a classygirl's style. 

1.) The Nails

This is an inspiration for me, because I have dermatophagia. The best type of nails for this style is a classic French manicure. It's clean, minimal and natural looking. Going along with those features, the nude, red, and most other neutral colors are also a good choice. 

2.) High Heels

I know you don't have to wear heels to be classy, but let's face it: it just looks better. I think it's a skill that every woman should learn. I haven't mastered it myself and I will be doing it as soon as the weather gets warmer. I will buy all high heels and go to work everyday in heels until I learn how to properly walk in them. The trick to wearing heels is to always keep folded ballet flats in your purse. Many people might disagree with me, but I think that a woman at least needs to know how to walk in heels to be classy. 

3.) Long Hair

There are some women who can pull off short hair beautifully. But the majority of women cannot. So why try to force something that will never be?! Growing long hair is by far favored by men in terms of style. Women with long hair can do so many more styles with their hair. It's the essence of being a woman. 

4.) Minimalist Clothing

This means no graphic tees, sweatshirts or anything too casual or too busy. The clothes should be similar to the nails: neutral colors with one splash of color. Timeless cuts of dresses and clothes that flatter your body. The main point of minimalist clothing is to bring the attention to the person rather than just on the clothes themselves. 

5.) Have a Signature Fragrance 

Something that can really define a woman is her scent. Having a fragrance that balances well with your natural smell and something you're able to wear all the time is much more convincing than having artificial smelling lotions and body sprays used only for certain times of the day. It should be of high quality and something you are attracted to yourself. 

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Thoughts: Personal Confidence Story

If there was one thing I struggled with time and time again, it was confidence in myself. It was really hard for me to see my own worth as a person. I think my personality contributed to that because I am not an outgoing person. I am very introverted and shy, and because of that, I always had a conflict between wanting to be recognized by my peers and at the same time wanting to blend in and be unnoticed. 

It really took me a long time considering I had really no major issues growing up. My home life was fine, I didn't have anything traumatizing happen to me as a kid. I just naturally had low self esteem. I hated my complexion, I hated my hair, I was confused about my mixed race, I hated my height, my body and my face shape. Of course there were days when I thought I looked ok, but there were never really any moments where I could seriously look in the mirror and think, "Wow I look good today."

I placed my confidence in the hands of others, which was a huge mistake. I went by the guidelines of society. I leaned towards Asian beauty standards, which took a toll on me since I am half white. I couldn't understand why I wasn't as beautiful as the Asian models. I used to think things like "I wish I were full Asian" and "Why wasn't I born Japanese or Korean?"  I tried to straighten my hair stick straight like the Japanese models did. My hair quality suffered as a result. It was dry, over processed and frizzy. Yet I continued to straighten everyday. I wore ulzzang make up even though eyeliner does not suit my eyes, and circle lenses, which eventually lead to scratched corneas because I had worn a cheap pair for too long. 

No matter how much I matured in other areas of my life and my personality, I could never bring my confidence up. I never felt enough, I never felt like I was worth something. I think that's why I had so many problems with men in my late teens. And ever after I was married at the young age of 20, I was still self conscious and insecure. I would assume my husband was going to cheat in me eventually. I would hound him everytime he even looked a a girl who I deemed prettier than me. I drove him insane with my insecurities. I based my confidence on how many compliments he gave me. As a result, I would often fish for compliments and it would annoy him. 

"Why is it that you ask if you're pretty and I 'say yes you are,' and then you don't believe me?" He asked, annoyed. 

I did not know. 

I wish I could say I know the answer or the key to having confidence, but unfortunately I think it's a mix of things, some that can be controlled and some that cannot. 

Clearing up my skin from cystic acne really helped. I have a temporary solution to the acne problem for now called Spirinolactone. But I think what also contributed to the part that can be controlled in gaining confidence are the following:

1.) Learning how to take care of my body properly. 
2.) Being on my own and being able to support myself. 
3.) Learning how to become more decisive and know what I want in my life. 
4.) Finding my personal style. 

I think those things you can control. They create a foundation. Because believe me, confidence does get teared down when things happen in your life. The key is having a solid confidence that can withstand those downfalls. The kind of confidence that does not waiver when someone insults you, when you fail at something or when everyone seems to be against you. Confidence is believing in yourself despite nobody else believing while your world is collapsing. 

You will know when you have that kind of confidence. You will powerful when you walk through a room of people. You will be able to maintain eye contact with feeling awkward. You will feel completely comfortable sitting next to a stranger and choosing to either talk to them or stay silent instead of worrying about what to do or say. It takes a while. But when you get there, you will find that you are a lot stronger than you ever thought you could be. 

It doesn't mean you won't be awkward or clumsy, especially if it's part of who you are; you'll just feel fine being awkward and clumsy. It used to bother me when I had awkward moments or when I would trip over nothing. But now I can laugh at it and not let it define me as a person. 

All of the things I did to gain real confidence I did not knowing it would help. And really, the maturity part only came around the beginning of last summer. At some point you get tired of putting yourself down. You promise yourself that if you aren't happy with the way you look or something about your personality, you will work on it. And that's what I did. I ate healthy, exercised and focused on me instead of the girls I wished I was. And it really started to take off when I started my new job last July. 

I went into the job not knowing anyone, but I had developed my personal style and wanted to take myself more seriously than my last job. And it worked! For the first time in my life, I felt completely confident. People noticed and I made friends easily. I can't say that I didn't have many other life problems during the last seven months since then, but confidence has not been one of them!

Yes, I still get jealous sometimes. Yes, I still get self conscious sometimes. But I don't put myself down anymore. I know that I am worth something. I can contribute. I can look good. And most of all, I really do love myself now. 

I used to wonder how the hell I can just "gain confidence," mostly because I did not know what confidence meant. Now I know, and I also know that it's different for everyone. It's a combination of knowing who you are and learning to work with what you have and love yourself for who you are. 

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Direction of this Blog Part II

So I was brainstorming with my husband, and he says according to my lunar zodiac, I am good at writing erotic stories. The only reason I believe this is because 1.) The rest of my fortune is deadly correct, and 2.) I am good at it. I wrote things like it to experiment on my writing blog and they turned out very well. 

I cannot simply write fiction. It would force me to write another blog. So I am trying to figure out how I can combine fashion, beauty and the other things I enjoy writing about into erotic writing. 

The reason I think this could work is because that sort of writing, the vanity-centered, appearance-focused writing comes through in my rants. It is something I feel strongly about, mostly because I struggled so much to find my place within it all. 

I think I can make it work. 

The struggle with turning a lifestyle blog into a niche blog is staying true to the writer's personality. I want to be me in whatever I write. That is my first priority. I also want to build a database of useful information. 

I've got 15 new blog post ideas. Now I just have to change my layout a bit. 

Wish me luck. 

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Monday, February 16, 2015

The Direction of this Blog

I have come to a point where I must divert my attention to one niche, at least for a while. It's really hard for me because there are so many things I like to write about. 

I like to write about fashion, vanity, beauty, controversy, food, growing pains, depression, tips and tricks, music, holistic body care, diy ideas, travel and life in general. But to write about one and one one of these? That is difficult. For me, they all come together to make up who I am. 

However, I must choose. I noticed most of my readers and lurkers liked reading about dermatophagia and how to deal with it. I will keep posting about that, but as far as I have been trying, I have not found a solution or even a plan other than the ointment and band aid routine, so I don't think I can make an entire blog about it. 

I think I would probably do best to stick to beauty. But it's so saturated! 

We will see. 

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Chef's Thoughts

There is a difference between eating to survive and eating to live. A man forages for herbs and vegetables and hunts for game and any type of protein he can get his hands on. After gathering and hunting, he starts a fire and slowly roasts the freshly killed meat after rubbing it with the herbs and twining it with the seasonal vegetables. He enjoys the juicy sensation of flavor that fills his mouth as he consumes his dinner under the starry summer night. He has not just made himself food for the purpose of nourishing his physical being; he has also created a meal for the joy of eating. This is eating to live. If there is one thing that will bind people together, something that can create a sense of peace where every human race can live together, and a weapon vital to ending conflicts, it is food.  The skill of cooking delicious food is something that shapes a culture, molds the individual, and creates an understanding within conflict. 

When a civilization begins to view food as an art rather than just a necessity, this is when the culture begins to thrive. It essentially indicates time can be dedicated to experimenting with food instead of spending that time finding it. Depending on the location, methods of growing, the livestock, and resources available, the society begins to shape itself into a specific style of cuisine. Eating food in a different country can help one understand the everyday life of the people. For example, sushi in Japan is something that can truly only be experienced in Japan. The freshness of the just-sliced raw fish combined with a light brush of soy sauce and eaten with fluffy Japanese rice is unique to the culture. The country is a water-locked island, so their main protein is fish. Their staple crops are soy and rice. When combined, the story can be felt through the taste in the dish. 

The expression of food also defines the individual. When a mother puts her soul into making a home-cooked meal for her children because she genuinely wants to give them the best of what she has, this is not food; this is love. One can taste the emotions of the cook within the dish, and this is why so many people are in love with their mother's cooking, no matter how it compares to others. It is the family's cooking that really impacts the individual's culinary experience. To visualize, many Pennsylvania Dutch parents raised their children with meat and potato dishes, and many of these people are less keen to try something spontaneous, such as Indian curry. The parent's cooking becomes the child's pallet. 

Food is the reminder that everyone, even enemies, are human at the core. There is nothing more human than a man who can put down his gun to sit down at a cafe and enjoy the simple pleasure of an expresso. A meal shared between can be the event that stops the conflict. When people are in a relaxed atmosphere sharing a meal together, the civilized conversation has a chance to blossom. When people can co-exist peacefully, even if for a moment, one realizes the value of every human life. Everyone finds joy in eating something delicious. Sharing food creates a mutual understanding between one another. 

Food is not just the fuel that helps one survive. It is communication, culture and expression. It can mean something different to everyone. When good food is cooked, it is human nature to want to share it with the world. No matter the ingredients, if one has passion to live, the food will be good. 

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Seven Memories

Life is made up of bits and pieces of fleeting events and feelings. The parts we remember the best aren't necessarily the big event so much as the little things that got us there. So even though a married girl might focus on the wedding day memories on Valentine's Day, I'm going to tell you seven early relationship memories that have nothing to do with our wedding day. 

1.) It was 5:03 AM. Her body was frigid as she lay next to him on the bed. Only a large pillow filled the space between them, and she felt a bit impressed with his ability to sleep perfectly sound next to a girl he barely knew.  Despite the awkward situation, she managed to find him a bit charming. His black hair was in a mess and he had a calm look to his face. She tried to sort out her feelings for him as she buried back into the sheets and prepared herself for a sleepless night. 

2.) You know you're with someone special when they can make you forget the pain, forget where you are or remind you that life is more than just a constant struggle. They were young and they could stay up until 3 AM every night. She felt something starting between them as they drove through the starry night. They would drive often. Drive far, to close paces, drive anywhere as long as they were together. 

3.) One of the greatest things she admired about him was his skill with the piano. His fingers would fly across the keys and a beautiful and rich sound would fill the room. She would lay against a pillow on the couch as he played her an endless concert of songs. The one she loved the most was called "Wind Crest." And on the day he had to leave, she heard that song repeating itself through her mind, filling her thoughts with his smile, and she could feel the saddest pain in her heart. 

4.) She was back in school. He was thousand of miles away. They would talk on the phone randomly, whenever they could find the time. But the phone and internet connections were terrible and they both knew the relationship would fail if it were long term. There was a week he was so annoyed that he wouldn't talk to her for a week. He would pick up the phone, but be silent for hours as she waited with a sinking heart. 

5.) It was the greatest feeling in the world. Flying high above the clouds, seeing the rice paddies below in the sunrise through the thick air. She knew in only an hour's time, she'd be with him again. It was the feeling of life. Hard to explain, but it's the difference between just living because you exist and living because you can feel life within every aspect of your body, soul and mind. 

6.) It's one of those things you just can't think about. She got on the motorcycle and held on as tight as she could. The wind flying through her hair felt like freedom. For the first few times, she feared death and accidents, but by the end of the first week, she was riding sitting sideways in a miniskirt, only barely holding onto the back of his shirt as they flew down the highway to the Night Safari. She felt like one of the local girls and it was great to fit in his country. 

7.) The whole concept of the holiday was strange to her. Throwing water at people seemed almost rude. But her main problem was her skin. During her three months in his country, she'd developed acne, and if she was going to have water thrown in her face all day, how could she compete with the other girls out on the street who had perfect skin? They fought about it because she did not want to get her face wet. She couldn't understand why he'd want to be with a girl like her, when there were plenty of beautiful women in his country. Why her?

Those were before we got married. Of course after we were married, the struggle did not end, although immigration and being apart for long periods of time ended. We went through a lot of firsts together: buying a car, cleaning out mold, having a fly infestation, learning how to cook, going to Boston, doing taxes, moving three times, and many other ridiculous things. 

But what makes it special is remembering why you liked each other in the first place. 

And learning how to choose each other over and over again as you change. 

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Controlling Mindset: Five Good Things About Winter

As you probably know, I hate winter. But I've actually never hated to the extent that I do right now. And I've also mentioned that I wished I could be as happy as Pimtha in the cold. 

How??? I think it's because her mindset is stable and happy. She focuses on the good things. 

Usually I'm more focused on what's going on in my life than the weather, but since the summer left me last year, it's like it swept away all of the good feelings I had in my life. I don't know why I've allowed it to turn into a depression. 

I'm going to list five (yes, only five) things that make winter a happy season:

1.) Snuggling in warm blankets

2.) Crisp cool air that refreshes. 

3.) Holiday decor. 

4.) Warm drinks like coffee, tea, and cocoa. 

5.) Eating soup. 

Okay, now only two more months of this. 

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Friday, February 6, 2015

What is Happiness

If we had no memory, how would we define "happiness?"

We think back and the things that made us happy were memories, right? But what about in that moment? What was happiness? Was it a feeling? Was it the absence of a feeling?

If there is one thing that I can stress on this blog at this stage, it's that you never know what will happen. You'll never know what life will throw at you. I am learning that more and more everyday as I grow older. You think you understand something about life and at the exact moment where everything falls into place,  life will challenge it.  It burns is down, makes us grow, and molds who we are. 

If you aren't feeling happy in the moment you're reading this, does that mean you aren't happy? After you strip everything away and you're alone with just yourself, are you happy? 

It's so impossible to define happiness without having the negative. Otherwise, it's just nothing. That sounds scary when you think about feeling nothing. But the fact is that everything is as it is, and it's your perception which makes something what it is to you. Without feeling, you can clearly see things for what they are. 

Of course, we are emotional beings. There must be a balance; we cannot ride on the roller coaster of life, just letting things happen and reacting to them or trying so hard to not let it happen that you lose yourself. But we also can't get rid of all of our emotion. The hard part is trying to find the way to balance it and control it. That's the struggle of life. 

And so I pose the question: Is it better to be aware and content or to follow the memories in your emotions to feel elation? Which is happiness?

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Taking a Break

"I don't have a drinking problem."

This is what she tells herself, mainly because she hardly goes out to drink socially, and she doesn't drink anything other than wine, not to be fancy, but just because every other type of alcohol causes cystic breakouts. She also has tricked herself into thinking it's not a problem because she can joke about "winding down with her glass of wine" with her friends. She's a good girl; not a party girl. 

But the problem is just those things. When it became normal, it got out of control. A half a glass every couple of days in the late evening turned into three glasses right after dinner every day. The enthusiasm for good wine turned into indifference for any type of cheap wine that was over 11% alcohol content. A nice buzz turned into memory blocking numbness. Instead of feeling normal and hang over free the next morning, she was waking up with pounding headaches and the need for plain bagels and ginger ale. And it went unnoticed because it started out as "normal."

But as she sits, slumped over on the bathroom floor in the early hours of a Wednesday morning, she finally starts to suspect that perhaps she may need to lay off the wine for a few weeks. Maybe find another way to deal with stress. Because what started as an innocent hobby turned into a destructive routine. 

Maybe I do have a drinking problem. 

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The Memory

Laying in the sun, soft grass tickling her neck, she smiled. The clouds were drifting by slowly in the summer breeze and she didn't care if leaves and twigs might get stuck in her long brown hair. The world seemed at harmony for that moment in her life. She could laugh from pure joy and smile sincerely. The world was a comforting place and she felt at ease, as if she could go anywhere, do anything, accomplish anything she chose. 

Now she uses the memory of that moment to escape the world that has trapped her. Only the memory exists. 


like to look at horizons. I like to imagine a beach on the other side of places I can't see. It gives me hope because when I can see where the sky meets the ocean, I feel complete. So when I'm feeling down, stuck or trapped and all I can see outside are hills, trees, or buildings, I imagine an ocean is waiting for me on the other side. 

Word Vomit to Cure the Writers Block

I hate it when I can feel a storm brewing inside but I can't get it out in words. It's a writer's curse. So I'm going to do what I have done on my purely fiction blog: I'm going to word vomit.

Now, I learned of this technique from the writer of Divergent, Vernoica Roth. It basically means to spit out all of the words and feelings into one, unedited post. 

I present to you the ugly side of unedited writing. Be forewarned. 


She awakes with a jolt, grabbing her chest in pain. She can't breathe, can't feel anything, yet the pain is so overwhelming that she can't speak. Tears come to her eyes and her hands slowly find her neck, trying to take away the hands of death. Her lungs feel full yet empty. Her mind restless, yet at ease. It's a struggle to fight the inevitable. Her own hand begin to choke herself. 

Then, in the corner of her room, she sees a dark shadow being highlighted in the nightlight. The figure has the silhouette of someone familiar, but she can't place it. She continues to choke herself silently as the dark figure appears. The figure comes into light and she realizes it's someone very close to her. She reluctantly takes one of her hands away from her neck and places it in his hand. 

He looks at first bewildered, and then his expression changes into a twisted satisfaction as she begins to intertwine her hand with his. She calms her other hand and relaxes against him. She cannot fully see who he is, but she feels safe. He will take care of her. The marks of red blister on her neck as she rests in his arms. 

Suddenly, he forcefully grabs her neck. She is paralyzed as he laughs. He cries as he laughs. And he chokes her harder and harder until the life is forced out of her body. Limp and cold, he holds her body, weeping. 

Yet his smile shows a different emotion. Trust is never real. It is only to gain for him. And he consumes her dead body, bit by bit until there is nothing left but blood stains and sorrow. 


Well that was terrifying. I'm not sure what happened but I think it helped.  

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Five Tips for Sustained Energy

A lot of people rely on coffee to give them energy throughout the day. Whether it's high schoolers, college students or working age adults, it seems that everyone is constantly fatigued and in a cycle of being tired at the wrong times and awake at the wrong times. 

Here are a five things you can do everyday to improve your energy. 

1.) Drink More Water

This seems to solve most problems, doesn't it? Improves circulation, skin complexion, and energy levels. Many times, the body is fatigued due to dehydration. One of the ways you can prevent starting your day tired as hell until you've had your cuppa Joe is to drink a glass of room temperature filtered water right when you wake up, before doing anything else, on an empty stomach. This will hydrate your body fast for an instant source of energy. A great way to give the water taste and to help cleanse your body is to squeeze a bit of fresh lemon juice into the water. And if you're serious about doing a cleanse, the proper way is to add fresh lemon juice and sprinkle a pinch of cayenne into the water. I will earn you, it tastes a bit spicy and sour, so some people's stomachs might not be able to handle this first thing in the morning. 

As the day goes on, be sure to keep sipping water to prevent dehydration induced fatigue. You can carry a water bottle in your bag and just drink a bit when you start to feel drowsy. A great way to make you want to drink water is to drink sparkling water or to infuse fruits into your water. 

2.) Drink More Tea

While coffee is not necessarily bad for you, it's not healthy to be drinking it all day and depending on it to stay awake. One or two cups in the morning is fine. The easiest way to absorb the caffeine right away is to drink it black, and for many other health reasons, I recommend doing this. But when it comes to a healthier alternative to drinking coffee all day, tea is much less acidic and lower in caffeine. If you're really needing the caffeine, drink black teas. Black teas include Earl grey, breakfast blends from Europe, most chai and cardamom teas, and red teas. Again, if you need faster caffeine results, it's best to drink your tea without sugar or milk. 

There are lesser caffeinated teas that can still provide benefits as well. The next highest in caffeine is oolong tea, which is full of health benefits. Then green tea, which can greatly improve and assist with your concentration levels. The least caffeinated of tea (other than herbal teas, which contain no caffeine) is white tea. As a general rule with teas, the lower the caffeine, the higher in antioxidants and nutrients. This is because the tea is less processed as white or green tea because the tea leaves are picked at a younger stage and not roasted. This way, the white and green teas more benefits than the black teas could. However, if your main concern is getting caffeine, going with black tea is still healthier than drinking coffee all day. 

3.) Supplement with Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is a great supplement for energy because many people have a Vitamin B deficiency. I recommend taking the liquid form because it is absorbed better by putting a few drops under your tongue. 

Read here for more detailed info: http://www.doctoroz.com/article/end-your-energy-crisis-vitamin-b12

4.) Eat Energy Promoting Foods

Healthy foods and snacks throughout the day can really improve your energy levels.  Eat leafy greens, fruits, fish, nuts and seeds for a boost of energy. This is kind of a whole other topic on diet, but it honestly does play a huge part in your daily energy. 

5.) Sunlight

Your biological clock will naturally wake you when in sunlight. So if you have trouble waking up in the morning, open your curtains while you get ready and spend time outside in the sun. If you're getting tired during the day and you have the option to sit near a window or sit outside in the sun, do it. The sun will keep you awake. For people who need to stay up at night or cannot be near a window, buying a sun light is an option. They usually can be pricy, but depending on how often you need to be woken, it might be worth it. 

Hopefully these tips can be used to improve your energy and keep you awake at the times you need to stay awake.