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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Mornings: Five Tips for Surviving

Mornings are so hard for me! I'd prefer "afternoon" to be my "morning." But life demands that most of us wake up and start our day in the morning, so here are some tips to make your mornings easier!

1.) Drink water RIGHT when you wake up.  I mean seriously as soon as you sit up, even if you're half asleep, drink a glass of room temperature water. Just down it, I swear it will help. If you don't do it right away, you will forget, trust me on this.  The best way to prepare for this is to fill a bottle of water or a glass right before bed and to leave it on your nightstand.

2.) Meditation will help you clear your mind for the day. It's not a great feeling to wake up and then immediately think about all of the things that you have to do for that day. It's like getting on the internet and immediately opening 50 tabs; you're going to be unfocused and overwhelmed. Meditation, as Headspace (meditation app) puts it, is the ability to acknowledge and be aware of the thoughts in your head as well as your surroundings, but not follow any of the thoughts. It might seem easy to just sit up with your eyes closed, but try it. You probably will not last 30 seconds the first time. The best way to start meditation is to start with a technique to become aware. The Headspace app is a great tool to guide you in the beginning. After you finish the ten free sessions, you will be set to meditate on your own. Lately, I also have been using binural brainwave synchronizing to help calm my mind with the Brainwave app. There are many tools and tricks to help you understand how to meditate, but it all comes down to being focused on your breathing and acknowledging the present while not following any of your thoughts that pass through. It takes a while to get the hang of it, but once you start meditating, you will feel your mind becoming much clearer and less ridden with unnecessary emotions throughout the day.

3.) Hygiene tips! When brushing your teeth, never forget to floss and clean your tongue with a tongue scraper. If you shower in the morning (I don't but I know a lot of people do!), soap your body with a loofa; it will remove dead skin and body odor better than simply using bar soap alone. 

4.) Have breakfast. I know it's so much easier to just skip it, but try to make yourself excited about it. Do it French style and have a citron pressé with a croissant and some fruit. Or have a waffle with fruit. Eggs also do your body good. Just make sure you eat something! Even if you're one of those people who get sick eating in the morning, ease yourself into it and eat small portions. 

5.) Airplane mode is the best phone policy when getting ready in the morning. You won't be tempted to check the social media sites, you won't be getting notifications and texts or calls while you are getting ready. This also prevents the clutter from getting in your head right after you've meditated. 

I'm not a morning person, and I might never be one. But I want to try to wake up the right way because it's better than starting out my day stressed out and grumpy. 

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Friday, June 5, 2015

The Mundane.

When the first rays of sunlight awaken the Earth, illuminating the darkened skies, and he resists the first alarm to go off on his phone, he knows the rest of the day he's going to be tired. Maybe the whole week, even. It's as is the first alarm on that Monday morning is the signal to the constant fatigue that will follow his every move. 

He never notices the clouds that drift constantly above the buildings in his way to work. It's become a habit to ignore the  little things that make up life, and instead fall into a routine of being trapped in thinking these things are the background in life. 

It's a battle everyday to remind himself why he is doing this everyday. He has to think about how this is only a temporary situation. 

Sometimes the mundane becomes so unreal that he feels like he's living in a dream. A dream where all past goals and aspirations have silently withered into the abyss, and he doesn't know what's real anymore. Everyday he attempts to sort out the thoughts and memories that he created in his mind and reality. 

It's the danger zone of being comfortably stuck. No risk involved, yet no living involved either.  Anyone can fall into this trap. The slow death is subtle. 

It's the moment you decide you don't hate your job even though you're bored to tears everyday. Maybe it's that moment when you start blurring out the highlights of the days into a background noise. Or the routine you fall into where you come home everyday and watch TV until you fall asleep. 

The troubles in life aren't the problem; it's the lack of having any sort of dynamics at all. And this doesn't mean you have to create your own problems to live an interesting life. 

It means you have to be fully aware of everything around you and appreciate it. And it's noticing when something isn't working and learning how to improve it. 

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Current Favorite Songs

With music, I am of course partial to EDM. But here are my current favorite songs, each extremely different from each other.

Northlane - Ra : This is a metal song, and it's not the usual metal that I listen to. The first time I heard this, I didn't care for it much, but as I read the lyrics, I really began to appreciate it. The lyrics are beautiful, and the clean singing is pretty good.

John Rivas - Love Me : It's a dance song that reminds me somewhat of my childhood. It's one of those songs that you would listen to while driving to a beach (or maybe that's only something I would listen to while driving to a beach! Ha!), or just when having a good time. It's a happy song that only has good vibes.

Tristam x Karma Fields - Build the Cities (Empire of Sound) : I would call this an electro remix of the original Build the Cities. I knew there would be some awesome remixes of this song as soon as it was released last winter because the original has a great build and then a pretty mellow drop, so I had been waiting for someone to properly execute the drop. This definitely exceeded my expectations for the remixes.

Mendum - Elysium : This melodic rock-step song features EDEN, so of course I love it. It's very EDEN style too. It's quite a sad song though, so don't listen to this if you're already not feeling very happy because it will definitely make you feel more despair. The only thing that I wonder about this song is.... was this inspired by the movie "Elysium"? Because that was a terrible movie.

Yes, so I'm branching out my genres from just drum and bass! Mostly because there have not been any good drum and bass songs this season yet.  Hopefully the summer will bring some new music from Rameses B, Maduk, and Metrik.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Everything I want to write about sounds vain: corsets, eating habits, my new MAC lipstick, perfume, how I just randomly ordered a dress from BooHoo. 

I need to get on the computer and post a quality post but I don't have any particular topic to talk about. It's all vanity subjects. And that's not a bad thing, as long as I can talk about it in enough detail that it might help someone. 

I think I will wait until my corset actually gets here to talk about it. 

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Five Things You Experience When You're Actually Awkward

There seems to be four categories of awkward people:

1. The really awkward people who are desperately trying to be normal 
2. The awkward people who like it and try to be more awkward which results in seeming actually weird in a bad way
3. The awkward people who accept that this is the way it will be but try to be socially acceptable 
4. People who in reality are not so awkward, yet think it's cool to brag about being awkward but in reality they don't even know the half of it

Most social awkwardness comes from anxiety of social situations and overthinking, and personally, I think I'm the third type of awkward, but I used to be the first type. This post is for the really socially awkward people.

From my experience, here are some things that happen when you're actually awkward.

1. When talking with people, you become extremely aware of your body. 
And as a result you get a headache from staying in an uncomfortable position for too long because you weren't sure if it would look weird if you moved positions, and you had to really rethink about what the person was saying because you spent the entire conversation figuring out how much eye contact was necessary. 

2. You trip over air on a daily basis. 
And you never know how to play it off. And even when you're consciously trying to avoid tripping, you trip anyway. 

3. You say things that don't make any sense to other people and you try to correct it but it keeps getting worse. 
And it's usually first impressions or someone you don't know that well, which makes it awkward to try to correct yourself. 

4. You had fears of ordering at Subway before or still do. 
There's just too much conversation required to order the freaking sandwich. And I never hear what they asked me. Which makes them annoyed when I ask them to repeat what they said, especially if I don't hear it again. 

5. You have to consciously train yourself to have a confident poise. 
Because otherwise you look like you're always apologizing for your existence or you're trying to hide. In public, you're normally standing with shoulders up in a tense position, head faced downward and you are very self conscious about everything from your hair to your outfit. This results in having to retrain the way you stand, walk and speak in public. 

There are so many other things that awkward people face on a daily basis. Everyone faces these things from time to time, but honestly it's how you react to the situation. Everyone's a little bit awkward. And I think awkward people like being reminded that's it's not just them. 

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Friday, May 29, 2015


The sunrise is a rare thing to see if you're like me: a complete night owl. But when the owl is forced to wake early, sometimes the result is seeing the beauty of the world otherwise never seen. 

When I drive into the sunrise, I see its colors blending and fading into the smoggy city buildings and it reminds me of the memories I had only in my mind as a child. 

It's the healthy blur between reality and what only exists in my head. That's the best way to describe the sunrise. It's real and happening, yet its beauty is rare and  only usually associated with certain feelings. 

Feelings that remind us that there's always the new opportunity to start over. 

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Waking Early

So due to scheduling, I've had to wake up at 4:30 - 5 am everyday this week. I thought by now it would have changed the way my internal clock works. 

But seriously. Now I'm just tired all the time. Especially after dinner. Just deathly tired. 

How do people get used to this? Seriously??

We try to go to bed earlier to compensate, but it doesn't make it any easier to wake up in the morning. 

I just hope either the schedule will change, or I can become adjusted because this is terrible. 😅

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